Degreasing Powder

Degreasing Powder

Degreasing Powder

Degreasing powder Is the product studied for this purpose it does not attach the base metal and it is a degreasing electrolytic cathodic bath for any metal. To receive any kind of treatment all the pieces must be completely clean, which means that the surfaces have to be free from any residues (oxidation, grease) that can per event the perfect adherence of the metal to lay. The composition guarantees an excellent solution for both manual and
automatic lines and it can bear high metallic contamination. Degreasing Powder guarantees excellent results giving the metal surfaces perfectly clean from any contaminants that might affect the subsequent plating process. The degreasing process must be done at room temperature so that all stones like synthetic and others will not be damaged.

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Features :

  • Work at room temperature.
  • Simple cleaning process.

Requirements :

  •  6V Rectier
  • S.S Anode

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