Hollow Wax Rod Tool

Hollow Wax Rod Tool

Hollow Wax Rod Tool

We at Doit are presenting you one more add on to Doit’s know how list- HOLLOW WAX ROD TOOL. This smartly fabricated tool is made for converting a normal wax rod of a casting tree into a hollow wax rod. This hollow wax structure gives more space and makes it possible for the user to hang up more number of wax pieces in proportionately lesser amount of gold. This will yield more output. The size of the rod can be customized according to the requirements of client.

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CODE Size Available Size Available Size Available

Internal Dimension


25 / 27 mm


14 / 16 mm


7 / 9 mm


Outer Dimension


29 mm


19 mm


11 mm


Wall Thickness


2 mm / 1.5 mm


2 mm / 1.5mm


2 mm / 1.5 mm

Rod Height 170 mm 170 mm 170 mm

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