Steam Machine 3 Ltr

Steam Machine 3 Ltr

Steam Machine 3 Ltr


Steam Cleaning is one of the important and unavoidable steps in various processes in Jewellery Making. It has
the advantage of not using any harmful chemicals and removes harsh chemicals from various chemical
processes. The Steam Machine maintains pressure in the tank up to 5-5.2 bar.

Steam Cleaning is advantageous in that it does not use any harmful chemicals. The Do it Steam Machine cleans
various harmful chemicals by pressurizing the steam itself. This is a very compact and attractive product brought
by us for all your needs of steam cleaning.

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  • Working Steam pressure: 5.2 bar
  • Single steam nozzle with Foot pedal switch for steam pressure operation.
  • Automatic pressure cutoff along with Safety valve (set to 7.2 bar).
  • Water level sight glass tube with protective cover.
  • Long-life, low-watt density heating element, and Rust-free SS tank.
  • Water outlet valve for tank cleaning.
  • Funnel for water filling
  • DM water (0-90 TDS) is preferred for the long life of metal parts

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