Steam Machine [20Ltr]

Steam Machine [20Ltr]

Steam Machine [20Ltr]

Steam Cleaning is one of the important and unavoidable steps in various processes in Jewellery Making. It has
The advantage of not using any harmful chemicals and removing harsh chemicals from various chemical
processes by pressurized steam itself.

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  • Fully Automatic.
  • High-pressure steam.
  • Automatic water filling and water level regulation.
  • Funnel if manual water filling is needed.
  • No water drop in steam pressure during operation.
  • Double nozzle.
  • 2-foot switches for steam pressure operation.
  • Automatic safety valve (set on 9 bar).
  • Water level sight glass tube (with protective cover).
  • Automatic pressure cut-off indicator.
  • Long-life, low-watt density heating element.

Machine Dimension : 24″ X 22(+17″ nozzle)” X 30.5″

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