Electro Polishing Machine [99 Ltrs]

Electro Polishing Machine [99 Ltrs]

Electro Polishing Machine [99 Ltrs]

Doit Electro Polishing Machine is equipped with an electro chemical process that removes metal from articles. It improves the surface finish via reducing the surface roughness by levelling micro- peaks and valleys. Due to its ease of operation and its usefulness in polishing of irregularly-shaped objects now DOIT ELECTRO POLISHING has become a common process in the World of production of Jewellery

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Features :

  • All the intricate portions of the articles are finely polished by this process.
  • Easy and simple to operate and
  • The removal of the metal is slow so the low current density area is covered very well.
  • Removed metal is dissolved in liquid which is 95% to 98% recoverable from the liquid by refining
  • The process cost is very low which is very mandatory to cut down the production

Machine Dimension : 64″ x 42″ x 42

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