Hot Flame [500/1000/2000]

Hot Flame [500/1000/2000]

Hot Flame [500/1000/2000]

Hot flame generators produce hydrogen & oxygen gas from the electrolysis of water. The process of electrolysis is safe, environmentally friendly & economical. Hydrogen and oxygen gas is generated on demand. This eliminates the need for storage and transportation of highly pressurized cylinders. As Hydrogen is non-toxic and nonpolluting, it is the fuel gas of choice amongst professionals. Hot Flame Generators are fully factory-equipped, allowing for immediate and easy on-site installation.  Hot Flame generators are easy to operate and maintain. Combined with the convenience of on-site gas generation, attractive savings can be made over cylinder gases.

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  •  Safe
  •  No storage
  •  Low power consumption
  • Fully automatic control & alarms
  • Proven reliability
  • Built-in flashback arrester


  •  Jewellery
  • Soldering
  •  Brazing
  • Heating

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