Wet Jet Machine

Wet Jet Machine

Wet Jet Machine

The Wet Jet (Hydro-Sandblaster) is designed to create special fine surfaces on jewellery. Dress up simple castings, stone-set rings, brooches and pendants, even better than conventional sandblasters. It is also very proper for platinum jewellery. The water and the blasting medium meet in the nozzle of the handpiece and arrive through adjustable compressed air flow on the surface of the working parts. Micro-fine glass beads, blasted with water, give the jewellery a fine satin-frosted finish. By the micro-fine surface, the risk of fingerprints is extensively reduced. It gives a satin finish.

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Features :

  • Heated tank for blasting media. Foot-operated switch.
  • Easy filling of blasting media by the mounted funnel.
  • Sturdy handpiece with an exchangeable nozzle on request.
  • Water pressure tank with pressure regulator.
  • Cabinet for operation with an internal light source and safety hand gloves.

Machine Dimension : 13″ x 10.4″ x 15″

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