Plating Plant 2 Ltr

Plating Plant 2 Ltr

Plating Plant 2 Ltr

The plating plant carries out the Plating process on articles using different types of Gold Carats such as 9kt, 12kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt and also carries out Rhodium plating. Degreasing, Activation, and multiple Rinsing, before Flash and Rhodium tanks are all placed according to the order of process and ease of operation and in controlled temperature value. Gold plating is the process in which a fine gold layer is coated over another metal by an electrochemical reaction. During the electrochemical reaction, a DC current gold ions from the gold bath solution are adhered on to the negatively charged piece or article. Gold itself is ductile and malleable. To enhance the properties of the articles, materials like Silver, Copper, and Nickel are introduced and gold plating is done it to mimic the same appearance of gold.

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  • Digital display for voltage and current
  • Voltage adjustment through potentiometer
  • and Stirrer to stir the solution
  • Rectifier power 10V – 30A
  • Nr. 4 tanks of ltr. 2 in pyrex diam. 5 ”
  • Mechanic working timer, DC current supply to the piece and solution
  • Multi-metal oxal curve anode for Rhodium
  • SS curve anode for degreasing and Gold bath
  • Terminals provided with easy access

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