Colorit Easy One

Colorit Easy One

Colorit Easy One

The modern material COLORIT gives the designer countless opportunities to produce distinctive, colorful creations. Color is moving, inspiring, and fascinating. COLORIT allows this feeling to be translated into elegant pieces of jewelry – with impressive effects. The design possibilities are virtually limitless with COLORIT. The color-fast tones are available in a number of nuances and can also be freely mixed. Since it is easy to work with, your imagination and love of experimentation will know no limits.

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  • Composite material with ceramic reinforcement
  • Biocompatible and patented
  • Quick and easy to process, grind and polish Adhesion-, scratch-, shock- and wear-resistant Can be sterilized. Meets medico-technical requirements
  • Color-fast and UV-stable
  • Finished workpieces can be galvanised High-quality and individual color design Resistant to acids, alkalis, and many solvents

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