Enameling Machine

Enameling Machine

Enameling Machine

Enamel is a two-component product with a wide application. Enamel has an exceptional adhesion on all surfaces including glass, noble metals, plastic matter, stone skins, wood, etc. Enamel is resistant to scratches, bumps, and mechanical pressure. It is also light resistant and its color remains unaltered over a period of time. These special ENAMELS can be decorated by transfer of colors and designs on ENAMELS surfaces. This process is done using transfer foil of different designs. After the application of the desired design, the piece can be polished and plated.

Made in Italy

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  • Vapor dispersion system
  • Timer
  • Temperature control
  • Speed aviators
  • Internal light
  • Glass door for easy inspection Rotational rods for curved products

Physical and Chemical characteristics:

  • Shape and color: Liquid
  • Smell: Light
  • pH: About 8
  • Boiling point :>200°C
  • Inflammability  :>150°C
  • Relative density: 1.17g/ml at 25°C

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