Doit All In One

Doit All In One

Doit All In One

Doit Industries Introduced new ALL-IN-ONE OVEN for carrying out the enameling process on ceramic enamel as well as normal and enamel curing. ALL IN ONE OVEN is provided with mercury Xenon Lamps to work 390nm UV light for ceramic enamel curring and conventional Heating and rotation for normal enamel curing. The All IN ONE OVEN combines the working of a UV cabinet & the enamel cure oven.

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Appliances include:

  • A tray was provided for ceramic enamel curing
  • Detachable grills
  • Inside the tray, aluminum reflectors are used for better reflection.
  • Two UV lights available for bigger surface
  • UV chamber provided with locking system to protect from UV light 2 Rotation Rods
  • Available Rotation Rods Speed Controller Temperature & Timer Controller

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