Electrophoretic Coating

Electrophoretic Coating

Electrophoretic Coating

The E-Coating process is a mixture of the Plating process and Painting, where a DC voltage is passed through the workpiece while immersed in a water-based solution with a paint emulsion. The process results in the paint to adhere to the surface of the piece and form a layer. Moreover, to create attractive designs, E-Coating processes are used to get Corrosion protection a smooth and Lasting Finish. A Source of DC Voltage is a primary requirement for the E-Coating process. That is where the role of the E-Coating Plant comes in. An e-Coating plant has a great advantage over a simple voltage source since it has provisions to adjust the voltage to the required values. Temperature and Timer Control and in-built Magnetic Spinner for glass beakers, making it perfect assistance in the E-Coating process.

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Features :

  • Capacity: 2 Litres
  • Equipped with Pyrex 2 Litre Glass beakers Heater: 300W
  • Voltage adjustment through digital display and Stirrer to stir the solution
  • ATP Anodes for Coating process Terminals provided with easy access

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